It’s funny how children think.

I am the oldest of my siblings, I am 4 years older than my sister and 18 years older than my brother.

I grew up with my sister, but always wished I was an only child.

By the time my brother came along, I was already out of the house and on my own.

My desire was not that they were not born – just that the time that they get to spend (or spent) with our parents took time away (in my mind) from me. I think that is why in some respects the oldest children are normally over achievers – they are trying to distinguish themselves in a manner that allows them to draw attention that they would normally have to share with their brothers or sisters (at least my arm chair psychology of the situation, and I didn’t even stay at a Holdiay Inn).

We will see this more as we delve into Alice and her relationships with the boys.