I had fun making this page. The last panel is my favorite…it is so simple but yet was difficult for me to put together. I wanted it to show the silhouette of Nathaniel opening the door and light going into the room full of shadow. I think I pulled off what was originally in my head.

I just love coming up with weird things for Shane, he is a lovable character and incredibly fun to make fun of. Alice, on the other hand, NEEDS to boss people around. Nathaniel is kind of timid and always tries (as the story progresses) to be the voice of reason for the trio. In many ways, although modeled loosely off people I know and are related to, the three characters together are probably a lot like me. I try to be reasonable all the time – but do goofy things and at the same time, I am a little bossy (don’t hold that against me lol).

Well, there are only five more pages in Chapter one. It is crazy to think that this graphic novel (i.e. webcomic) is even this far along. It is mainly due to the folks at MakingComics.com and my buddy Ryan Kroboth. About a year and some change ago, I ran across the MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) that Making Comics was running. Participating in that convinced me that there was really nothing holding me back from making my own comic other than myself. And my friend encouraged me to take the leap. So during the course, I formalized my story which I had kicked around for years, created the characters, and started my comic. It has evolved a lot since the MOOC and has become a more solid and fluid story (I think) and it is now 25 pages into the comic WOO-HOO!

Until next time, keep creating!!