We are coming down to the last few pages of Chapter One, only 3 more to go.

Trying to get the perspective right in the first panel caused me to delay this page by one day – I wanted to have it up yesterday, but alas I struggled with it. I know it may not look like a tough panel, but getting the proportions correct on the kids drove me nuts. Normally I have them on the same plane which makes it pretty easy, but I wanted it to look a little different with Nathaniel slightly ahead of them in the room. I think I pulled that off.

Children are always so eager to help each other that it was an easy transition for Alice and Shane to volunteer to help Nathaniel get his room in order.

The last 3 panels were fun since they really do not have a lot of detail – but convey the actions of what is going on in the room over a period of time. And of course, I love adding the sound effects.

This whole experience has been a learning period and I am enjoying each page more and more as I progress through the story. I hope you all are as well.


Until next week…keep creating and drawing!