Well, we are finally at the last page of Chapter 1 of Rancidville.

Nine months ago I officially started this comic, although it took 2 months to get the website up and the basic design in place since I had no idea what I was doing at the time (not that much has changed lol). In November of last year – the first page of Chapter 1 was posted and we are now finally at the last page of that chapter.

So much has changed since the first few pages were posted.

First, I reworked the first five pages 4 separate times and finally decided that I had to keep moving forward and stop fussing with the pages if I ever wanted to get the story completed.

Second, I started working with the Making Comics Worldwide Team sorting through their giant resource of comic making sites and organizing them (that has been a blast, but slow going). Time, as it turns out, can be used properly if you make a plan and stick to it.

Third, just recently a close friend who was one of my main supporters in this endeavor died Friday morning (07/24/2015). We have been friends for 20 years. He saw the birth of my second child, I was a groomsman in his wedding and saw the birth of his daughter. We worked together, worshipped together and played off each other creatively all the time. So it is bittersweet that we are at this page.

I hope that you all have enjoyed the story so far and I thank you for sticking around this long. The next couple of chapters start ramping up the action, so stay tuned…