Trying to get the gestures and expressions just right has been a little challenging – not to mention this is the first time I have drawn this many pages in a row trying to keep the characters looking the same. That was always my stumbling block, when it came to making a comic, how do you make the characters look they are the same people on each page when you are perhaps only drawing them once a week? My solution is, I don’t really know! I have a number of drawings taped to my wall, I have turn-arounds and facial expressions sketch out – but in the end – each pose is unique and therefore the references only work up to a point. For me, it is just imagining these are real people and picturing them as they would do each act in this play I call Rancidville. Have I achieved it? Do the characters appear to be the same people – I think I am progressing – so the answer is…sort of.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this installment. Stay tuned, only 6 more pages to go in Chapter 1.