Well, this page although it seems simple – took a lot of time. I struggle a lot with the layout of each page. I want the story to flow and the artwork to be good and at the same time I want the panels to make sense (I know everyone wants this) – all of that adds to the fire of me constantly second guessing and questioning each and every frame multiple times until finally I just have to call it finished even if I am unhappy with the result.

Melancholy seems to rest on my shoulders as a constant companion trying to push me to depression. If it were not for the constant encouragement of my wife I would have bagged the whole project some time ago.

But I didn’t…

It took a year to get 30 pages complete and posted online (crazy!)

In addition to that though, I was new to WordPress, new to social media (ie Twitter) and digital comic creation in general. The push to start this project actually came from The Making Comics MOOC (Get a Grasp!) on starting your project – So I am forever grateful to that team for their endeavors.

So now I have read a score of books, followed website creation tutorials on YouTube and the web in general, practically stalked other artists trying to discern best practices and glean hints or tricks to improve my own work. From being a total newb and hack a year and 2 months ago – to being able to adjust and somewhat customize my website, doing content curation for the Making Comics WorldWide Team, in addition to using Manga Studio 5EX to digitally color my comic, I guess I am actually doing okay.

Why bring all this up now you may ask – you didn’t come here to read this – you came to see what mess Nathaniel and his friends are getting into.

Well, I am glad you asked.

Basically to show that, no matter the discouragement, the failures or small triumphs, perseverance is the only way to continue to grow and achieve your dreams (sounds like a bad infomercial – but it is the truth).

So, keep creating and persevering!