So last week I was able to post 4 pages. That is a record for me I think. I hope to be able to post at least 2 this week – with this being the first.

I really enjoyed making this page (I normally enjoy every page – but it is different for each). This page was more mechanics than anything else (as far as my enjoyment goes). I wanted an above view and struggled with the perspective for quite some time – it is actually quite different from my original thumbs. I try to mix up camera angles a lot to make the story more readable. No one likes to look at the same view in the same panel all the time, at least I don’t.

I also wanted to show how spartan the office of this guy is – I think it came out well.

Finally I have a groove now in making these pages – they are flowing almost on their own (almost as if it was a living thing) – which is probably why I was able to get 4 pages done last week HA!

With that all said, I hope you are continue to enjoy the story. Stay tuned – the best is still coming up.