Just a few more pages until the conclusion of Chapter 2.

I’ve noticed I am more comfortable now than when I started with this comic. In the beginning I was so afraid to make mistakes that although I experimented a lot – it took a ton of time to get each page completed. I am more free with my drawing expression now than a year and a half ago – I hope as evident the last batch of pages. It took a year to get thirty pages completed, and I have been able to complete the last eighteen pages in a little less than two months, a milestone if you ask me. Some of it has to do with my workflow – but the majority of the speed can be accredited to the fact that I no longer worry about the art, it flows on its own.

As for the story, recently I had someone read through the entire story to see if there were any holes or areas that did’t pace well. I am happy to say he digged it.

I hope you all continue to enjoy it as much as I do making it.