That is the conclusion of Chapter 2.

I never thought I would actually start a comic, let alone complete 50 pages of it. This has been a tremendous growing experience for me – I have learned a ton of new things (particularly digital) and its exciting because I have a ton more to learn.

My goal this year was a simple one – I wanted to complete Chapter 2 of Rancidville. I thought it may take much more time, since it took about a year to complete Chapter 1, but 5 months isn’t bad considering I work on this about an hour a day due to my work and family commitments. I have actually become a little quicker and I tend now not to stress about the page so much as telling the story.

Currently, there are 439 subscribers to Rancidville (I am actually shocked and pleased at the same time). I hope you all are enjoying the comic as much as I have enjoyed creating it. Right now, my site is hosted on BlueHost and I use ComicPress on WordPress for my comic. This is GREAT because it allows me to add my comic as an image with navigation buttons etc. The bad part of it is that the Comic itself is not part of a blog where you are AUTO-Notified of updates. I was handling this for a while by adding the comic to the blog which would then auto-update – but that is tedious. At some point I am just going to have to hire someone to help me figure all of this out so I can update all my subscribers and hopefully not lose people who are not regularly checking the site since I am a little lost on configuring the site as it is LOL.

If you are enjoying the comic – please share it on your favorite social media site, in particular Twitter since that is my primary social site (I also have a google site – but it really is just an extension of this site as I only send updates there from the comic).

See you soon with the beginning of Chapter 3!