So, Chapter 2 has concluded, which gives me time to do some in-between items such as the Map of Rancidville. The map was actually one of the first things I did when I decided to start the actual comic. During the MOOC from one of the tasks was world building – and to start that I did a map. Now it is a little different than the original one (as far as the details) but the overall look is the same with added items to fill it out with story ideas I have for the future.

I hope to do a few things like this before I begin posting Chapter 3. If this endeavor ever goes to the next step (which is printing) these items will be rearranged and probably will not appear in this order – but for now and the sake of this site it will suffice.

Hope you all are enjoying the story and art – and if there are any comments they would be welcome…please…comment lol.

Until next time!