A year in review

The year 2016 was chaotic, for most of us  and I think a little strange.
Some of the weird things that happened this year include:
1) Kanye West tweeted that he was $53 million in debt and asked Mark Zuckerberg for money
2) A gorilla named Harambe had to be euthanized because a child crawled in his zoo exhibit, and the groundskeeper had to shoot him.
3) Ryan Lochte (the Olympic swimmer) lied about being robbed at gunpoint in Rio, distracted everyone from the Olympics, got famous as a result, went on Dancing With the Stars, got engaged, and saw no apparent consequences for his behavior.
4) Brad and Angelina got divorced
6) Kim Kardashian was robbed in Paris. Haters said she deserved it, which is sad because no one deserves that.
7) Samsung Galaxy Note 7s started spontaneously combusting.
8) Hilary Clinton won the Popular vote for President, much like Samuel J. Tilden did in 1876 (whom I am sure you may have never heard of), but lost the Electoral College.
9) Donald Trump became our 45th President and the world seemed to implode.
10) A number of great actors died including Gene Wilder (my all-time favorite) and Carrie Fisher.

Personal Review

My year was not as strange as all of that – but it did have a few challenges:
1) We had some serious illnesses in our family.
2) We bought a new house (which is exciting and STRESSFUL all at the same time).
3) My daughter wrecked another car (don’t ask, it’s really depressing – but she is fine).
4) I was forced into the world of Social Media (aka Facebook and Twitter).
5) I had to learn a number of new things technologically to continue with my comic endeavors (ie MailChimp, Facebook, SumoMe, WordPress editing and design), all making my head hurt.
6) I completed Chapter 2 of Rancidville but failed to reach my goal of getting Chapter 3 done.
7) Watched a number of videos on how to color comics (the right way).
8) Took a couple of comics courses.
9) Floundered around rudderless with my goals.
10) Connected to a lot of great creators and some old friends because of Social Media.

With the year nearly gone however, I need to set some goals for the next year – because tackling things with a vague idea, normally leads to failure at worst, and half achieved goals at best.
So, over the next few days I plan to use my new PASSION PLANNER to set a roadmap for the coming year.

See you in 2017!