Greetings! When I started Rancidville it was primarily meant to be an avenue for me to complete a dream of mine and create a comic book. It however has grown into something much more over the last 3 years. It is still a comic book, but it is also a mission.

No longer just a hobby, Rancidville has grown in its story and its connecting stories that were just shadows in my mind not too long ago, into a world of wonder.

So, with the beginning of Chapter 3 (which you can read by going here), I’d also like to inform you all that in the fall of 2017 the first book (Chapter’s 1 and 2) will be launched as a Kickstarter. There is obviously a number of things that must get done before then as well as the continuation of the story, but I am confident that all will work out as we approach the deadline for  the Kickstarter.

Stay tuned for more accurate dates and information to come!