Finding the time for your Webcomic

Do you dream about making comics?
Is it possible to make a comic in your free-time while having a full time job?

Most people who want to make comics, and are not professional comic book creators already, never set aside the time to make them.
That’s because they think it is impossible with a full time job and life commitments.

I thought the same way for the longest time. I have a wife, family and a full-time job, when can I find the time?

Turns out, it all boils down to commitment.
How many of us have a favorite show on television? Or a favorite past-time, such as softball or a mens hockey league etc. Do you play video games? How much time do you set aside for those activities? Do you love to draw and create? How much time versus the other things do you set aside to create? Many artists do not commit to setting hours aside in order to make their dream a reality.

I decided at the start of this to set aside six hours a week (it may be different for you). I wanted to do something EVERYDAY. And of course have at least one day to recharge.
Now that could be drawing, writing, learning a new program (which takes FOREVER), taking a writing class or other classes online, reading process articles, inking, coloring etc. Just so long as I used that hour productively to further my artistic dream. I made a commitment, spoke to my wife, agreed on a time and MADE IT HAPPEN. This works on anything you want to do – not just art.

You have to make a decision that this is something worthwhile that you will invest time in each day.

All it takes is a serious COMMITMENT to begin.

Are you ready to commit?