All the creators I know give the same advice when it comes to making your project.

 “Write and draw what you are passionate about”

So here’s the deal, it is impossible to manufacture success.

Many artists focus on what’s popular at the moment and try to make a comic or story that fits into that.

The problem with this though is without a passion for the topic you are writing/ drawing, it’s going to sound hollow and disingenuous to your readers, and you may end up hating the project.

Instead, make a comic you are passionate about. A story only you can tell.

Not all of us can write and illustrate superheroes. Not all of us are interested in Vampires or Zombies (which seem to be the rage right now, AGAIN).  I get that we want our work to sell – but the primary motivation should be doing something you love. When you work on something just to get paid or to sell – to me it takes the joy of the creation out of it.

Are you interested in Unicorns and Aliens? Maybe your story is how Aliens came and rescued Unicorns from a cataclysmic event a million years ago. I guarantee, if you are interested in that – others will be as well.

It is up to you, to tell the story, that ONLY YOU CAN TELL.


If you’re here, you know that my story does not contain the fantastical. There are no superheroes, no zombies or vampires. These are ordinary kids who have to face an extraordinary conspiracy in the town they live in. It is a story that has been brewing for many years now.

Originally, it was just a release for me to turn my desire to make a comic into a reality. I had no illusions. This started as a hobby.

But now, as more people have discovered, liked and followed my journey I am beginning to see that this and other stories I have could possibly become more than just a hobby. But at the heart of it all – it is something I am passionate about.

When you create from a passionate vantage point your writing/drawing will show the conviction.

It will flow more naturally, and most of all, you’ll enjoy it more.

This, in turn, will infect your readers with enjoyment.

And as storytellers, that is our primary goal isn’t it – to create something others in the world will enjoy!