With the main story idea ready, it’s time to start your script.

You may wonder what format you should use when scripting your comic. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you that.

There are a ton of different ways to script your comic, and there are a lot of resources online to help you. Part of the journey is to find what works best for you.

Now, when you start, it’s best not to try and script your entire story in one sitting. Focus on the story and how to make it flow.

Brainstorm ideas such as scenes, motivations, snippets of dialogue, characters, themes, jokes, and start putting them in a rough sequence.

• In order for this ‘thing’ to happen, this ‘thing’ has to come before it?
• Does the information provided to the reader make sense?
• How do we get from this part to the next one?
• Is the pacing working?
• Most important – Is this entertaining?

Now that the main ideas are assembled in a rough order, what seemed like a lot of ‘stuff’ opens up into chunks of content with gaps in between that need to be filled. Now I can start separating the story into chapters or in some cases issues.

Some days you may be able to write 1000 words and some days just 100. Focus on making small progress, it is still progress.

Then, when you have something ready to share, get some peer review. Friends, other creators, a Facebook community. Whoever it is, make sure they will offer honest, constructive feedback. If you can afford to, the best thing would be to hire an editor.

But, as most of us are on a shoestring budget as it is this is not always an option.

Set aside an hour, start scribbling and pretty soon your dream of making a comic will be a reality.


Until next time, stay positive and keep creating.