Navigation Menus added

I am currently in the process of updating the way the website looks and the content inside. For the longest time I only add a small post to the bottom of the comic. Much as this worked, it really didn’t do much for the overall aesthetics. Moving forward, I am limiting the blogs to the blog area and the comic will be on its own.

I also added a menu with some options which I did not have before. Now you can maneuver through the site fairly easily. You can check out an about me section, the blog and add your name to the town census (and be added to the mailing list).
If you are real adventurous, you can contact me through social media (which is still a little new to me and challenging as I have not quite grasped the etiquette or lack there of yet.)

I hope these changes make the site a more pleasing and friendly place to visit on the web.